Spartanburg County Alternative School

Spartanburg County Alternative School
Spartanburg County Alternative School (SCAS) is a county school designed to enable students to continue on their pursuit of class recovery and remediation. SCAS utilizes best practices, techniques, and courseware labs to accommodate middle and high school students.
Academically advanced students have the added opportunity to take high school courses that are more suited to their individual ability, to prepare for HSAP remediation and SAT preparation courses. SCAS consistently reviews and revises its curriculum and programs each year in order to successfully remediate and recover children from our at-risk student population.
SCAS also offers a Character Education and Community Service program in order to enrich students’ knowledge of civic matters, and make them feel more vested in the community. Through the character education program, SCAS partners with local service groups to increase student awareness of at-risk behaviors, and to help students volunteer with services projects throughout the community.
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STEM Center

Upcountry S2TEM Center

Our intended outcomes are engaged school communities focused on improved instruction leading to student achievement. Improved instruction requires professional learning that is embedded in a school’s day-to-day life. Coaching is our professional learning strategy of choice for improving instruction.
A well-supported community of learners engages in learning and action focused on good curriculum choices, meaningful assessment, effective materials support, and encouraging all teachers to become powerfully prepared to improve instruction.
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